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Happy New Year!

Though I am looking forward to another productive year for my district, I wanted to take a moment to comment on a great success for this past year. 

In 2013, it was exciting to get funding for the I-94 lane expansion from Rogers toSt. Michael (241).  No doubt, we will coninue to work on getting the next phases of the lane expansion project..

It was such a team effort and I so appreciate all the local citizens who wrote letters, made phone call, had meetings and wrote emails!  In addition, the local elected officials from every part of the jurisdiction gave great support with their own resolutions and letters, emails and meetings.  And thank you to all the House and Senate members who supported the effort. 

I continue to meet with constituents throughout my district and if you have any issues that need my attention, please call me at 651 296 5655.

I look forward to another great year!

Thank You!







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